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  • Do you want to invest in UK properties with a good return, in the right area and at the right price?
  • Are you struggling to find a team of property agents, accountants, solicitors, surveyors, builders, letting agents, mortgage and insurance brokers in the UK?
  • Are you looking for Below Market Value properties?

The Property Investment Secrets Platform is all you need to:

  • Set up your UK property business;
  • Buy Below Market Value Properties;
  • Refurb them to the correct standard;
  • Rent them out to reliable tenants.

…all this, WITHOUT travelling to the UK, simply from the comfort of your home with your computer.

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Investment Platform


  • Open your UK bank account
  • Access Below Market Value properties
  • Contact directly the property agents
  • Purchase the property
  • Refurb and add value
  • Rent the property out
  • Maximise the return

...without travelling to the UK

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  E-Learning Course Property Investment Platform
e-Learning Content
Deal Analyser
Strategy Call / Meeting 15 min
Private Facebook Group
Monthly Webinar
Power Team Interviews
Access to Below Market Value Properties
Access to UK Accountant and UK Mortgage Broker
Access to a panel of Solicitors and Surveyors
Support to Setup the UK Limited Company
Support to Setup the UK Bank Account
2 Pre-investment Full Deal Analysis
Action Call / Meeting 60 min
Portfolio Growth Strategy Call / Meeting 30 min



What does the Property Investment Platform include?

Practically all you need to safely invest in UK properties from overseas:

  • The full online course to learn all the secrets related to UK property investment;
  • The “Property Selection”, real live Below Market Value properties, ready to invest, regularly uploaded by qualified UK agents
  • Access to the entire Power Team in UK that will follow the acquisition process (UK company incorporation, UK bank account opening, accountant, mortgage broker, property agents, solicitor, surveyors, builders, project manager, insurance broker)


How can I apply to get access to the Investment Platform?

As you can imagine the amount of properties Below Market Value is limited and we cannot accept more than 50 investors at a time. Fill up the questionnaire here and a member of our team will contact you to see if there are any open spots.


Why do I need a team to invest in UK property?

There are 2 ways to invest in UK property:

  • You travel to UK to understand the area and verify personally all the details, costing you a lot of your own time and money;
  • You use a team of qualified professionals that does all the hard work for you, the only thing you need to do is to follow the communications with them.


Can I find properties in Manchester? Liverpool? London? Glasgow?

All the major cities are covered, from London to Glasgow, all the way to Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham, including Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield and everywhere in between.


I only have £40,000, can I invest in UK property?

UK is a great place to invest and suitable for every pocket: you can buy a property starting with £40,000, all the way up to millions of pounds. The Property Investment Platform hosts deals for every pocket, from £40,000 up to £1,000,000.


I have £1,000,000, can I find investment properties for my budget?

Definitely! With your budget you will have many different choices:

  • you can either invest in a single property probably in the South of UK
  • you can spread your investment over different properties in different areas
  • you can acquire a portfolio of properties from another investor
  • you can invest in mixed commercial and residential properties

Property deals suitable for every budget can be found in the Investment Platform


Can I incorporate a UK limited company through the platform?

Yes! Directly through the Property Investment Platform you will be able to incorporate the UK limited company in a few days only, from your computer and without traveling to the UK.


Can I open a UK bank account through the platform?

Absolutely! The Property Investment Platform, not only allows you to incorporate the UK limited company, but also the related UK bank account in a few days only.

I need to consult a UK tax specialist, where can I find one?

Through the Property Investment Platform you can contact the UK accountant that will help you to set up your property business with the best structure for you.


I need to get a mortgage in the UK, but I don’t know which bank is the best for me.

It is time-consuming to look for a mortgage and consult several banks.
A mortgage broker, specialised in UK products for overseas investors is what you need. With one email or phone call only, you will have access to multiple mortgage products to choose from; simply fill up the form in the Property Investment Platform and our mortgage broker will schedule a call with you.


I found an investment property, how do I buy it?

Through the Property Investment Platform, you can contact the solicitor and the surveyor that will assist you all the way through the process of acquiring a property in the UK.


I need to refurbish the property, but I have no time and knowledge to travel to the UK to follow the renovation. Can I do it safely from overseas?

You are a very clever investor, you know that you can maximise the returns by adding value to the property through a refurb, well done.
To follow the renovations from overseas you need:

  • Builders
  • Project Manager

The Property Investment Platform allows you to have access to builders and project managers throughout the UK


How do I find a tenant for my investment properties?

An investment property is an asset and will make money for you only when rented.
Through the Property Investment Platform you will have access to the best Letting Agents in the UK to rent your properties to the best tenants.


How many properties can I buy through the Investment Platform?

You can buy as many properties as you want while you have access to the platform. The membership lasts for 1 year and you will be given the renewal priority.


I want to invest in profitable UK properties, but I don’t have enough time and confidence to do it on my own. What can I do?

We know that it takes a bit of time to build a profitable property portfolio and you may not be confident that you can do it on your own. If you want to be helped by Fabrizio and his team personally to start your investment journey, we created the “DONE FOR YOU” service. You can find all the information in here.


I’m still not sure, how can I ask more questions?

You can contact us by email at, leave your phone number and a member of our team will call you back within 1 business day.

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